Sprietočnené Vojčianske rameno

Water flows again through the Vojčianske side arm

In the past, the Vojčianske side arm was part of the so-called of the inland Danube delta – a system of free-flowing river branches. After the construction of the Gabčíkovo Water Works, most of the water was diverted to the hydroelectric power plant through the supply channel, which resulted in cutting off the entire branch system from the Danube.

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simulovaná záplava ramennej sústavy Dunaja

Flooding of the inland Danube delta has begun

On Saturday 2.3. the flow rates through the Dobrohošť inlet facility begun to raise. Here the water flows into the left branch system of the Danube, the so-called inland delta with the aim of connecting this rare system of river branches and wetlands to the Danube water.

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2023 BROZ summary

What we accomplished in 2023

Last year, we managed to successfully collect €100,000 to save a wetlands, launch several projects, release sturgeons into the Danube, restore grazing in several locations and even change the name, logo and visual identity.

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