PROJEKT: Conservation of European Ground Squirrel
posilnovianie populacie sysla pasienkoveho

As part of the project, we are also carrying out genetic research, and at the same time we are strengthening localities where there are so few individuals and interbreeding would deffinetelly occur between them. Our project partner – ZOO Bojnice – also plays an important role in whole process. They created a genetic bank in which all the samples obtained from ground squirrels from all over Slovakia are stored. At the same time, ZOO Bojnice and ZOO Bratislava help us with transport and release of squirrels. This is how they helped us with the summer transfers of ground squirrels from Murán to Tisovec. In the spring of 2021, there were less than 20 individuals in Tisovec. Now there are more than 100 individuals and the population can already be considered a healthy basis for a future more stable population. Normally the colony can be considered stable when its population reaches 300 individuals and does not decrease.
We will try to do this in the following steps.
In Tisovec, we started grazing and planting fruit trees, thanks to which the local squirrel colony will be able to prosper.

New friends are arriving to ground squirrels

k sysľom prichádzajú noví kamoši
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