PROJEKT: Restoration and management of Danube floodplain habitats
Miesto križovania lesnej cesty s ramenom

Expert study, geodetic survey and project documentation

In the middle of the Danube river branch system, at the level between the line dams F and G, the Baka branch system is located. The main branch of the Kráľovská lúka locality (working name branch A) with the remains of two side branches (B and C) is fed into one of the larger side branches of this system.

mapa lokality

Scheme of river branch A and the relicts of branches B and C, which are proposed for restoration

We are going to restore their water regime in the near future. Under the current conditions, the connection of the side branch of the Baka branch system with branch A is buried with substrate, clogged with driftwood, and in several sections the branch is completely blocked or interrupted (forest roads).

historická mapa Kráľovskej lúky

Historical orthophoto map of the Danube river branch system – Kráľovská lúka area (1950)

Our aim is to open the river branch, remove terrain obstacles along the entire length of the stream, equip the upper and lower sections of the branch with manipulable frame culverts of sufficient capacity and thus let water into the riverbed and, along with it, life again into this entire area – migrating fish, irrigation for the surrounding floodplain forest.

Aktuálne je koryto ramena na Kráľovekej lúke suché

Currently the riverbed of the branch in Kráľoveka lúka is dry

The first step towards restoration of the river branch in Kráľovská lúka area was preparation of an expert study by specialists from the Water Research Institute. Subsequently, we completed joint inspections in the field with geodetic surveyor and technical designer in order to mark out the specific places necessary for geodetic survey. On the basis of these documents, project documentation for building permit can be elaborated.

Joint terrain inspection of BROZ with geodetic surveyor and technical designer; indicating of strategic points

We still have a lot of work ahead of us – acquiring of all the necessary statements and permissions, property and legal settlement, drawing up an application for a building permit, procuring a contractor, etc. But we can’t wait for water, life, and the dynamics of natural processes to return to the originally free-flowing river branch.

Miesto križovania lesnej cesty s ramenom

Intersection of forest road with riverbed (branch C)

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