PROJEKT: Restoration of drought-loving herbaceous communities in the contact area of the Pannonian and Alpine bioregions

Intensive farming in large areas literally erased life from the country. This is largely due to a poorly designed agricultural policy that encourages intensive farming, which creates a huge burden on the environment. Variety disappears from the rural landscape and with it also birdsong, butterflies and pollinators. If we lose the natural diversity of the landscape, we will also lose its health and resilience.

Therefore, there is a need for a fundamental change in agricultural policy and the setting of subsidies for farmers so that they are motivated to manage nature and its diversity with respect.


We now have a unique opportunity to revitalize our country. The reform of agricultural policy is currently underway and we have the opportunity to set new, better rules for nature and for people. Agriculture determines what the country in which we live will look like. Whether it will be large and intensively sprayed fields without life, with the risk of seepage of pesticides and fertilizers into groundwater. Or we will give more support to farmers who farm sensitively and respectfully to our country. They raise animals extensively and take care of our pastures and meadows so that they do not overgrow because they also need a sensitive human hand. They take care of the living landscape.

It is we who live in this country, and agricultural subsidies also come from our taxes. We have the right to demand them an adjustment of agricultural subsidies that will support the sensitive use of our country.

However, the pressure against change can be great, as the current approach suits some agribusinesses who farm intensively and in large fields. They achieve greater profits, can use larger machines, more intensive procedures and they only need to employ fewer people to cultivate the same area. We must therefore show politicians that there are also farmers who want to farm differently and that there is a great social demand for change.

Because of nature, because of the adaptation of our country to climate change, because of biodiversity (insects, birds and soil organisms), because of the living landscape.


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