PROJEKT: Restoration and management of Danube floodplain habitats
Zástupcovia projektu LIFE Isar pri brehu Dunaja

Between 5.-7. of December we welcomed a delegation from Germany. Representatives of the LIFE Isar project visited our project area. Together we discussed the management and financing of project activities, conservation problems and possible solutions and visited several of our locations.

At the Hrušovská zdrž reservoir in Čunovo, we introduced the guests to the problematically changed water regime of the Danube and its river branch system as a result of the construction of the waterworks. Furthermore, we visited several lines of dams within the Danube inland delta, where we showed them the places of future restoration activities as well as already restored sections, e.g. dam C2 on the Šulianske river branch. Subsequently, we visited the restored inflow to Medveďovské side arm and Čiližské močiare march.

Our next steps led to Veľkolelsky Island – a showcase of our conservation efforts – where, as part of the project, we have so far restored hectares of wetlands, planted and trimmed hundreds of pollard willows, and ensure regular grazing of meadow habitats.

On the final day of the expedition, we took our guests to see the three faces of the Rudava river – the original unrestrained, regulated and fortified one, and finally the one renewed by us, restored with zigzagging meanders and a freed bottom. We ended the networking at Devínská Kobyla with examples of sensitive grazing in this valuable protected area.

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