PROJEKT: Conservation of endemic species and dry grassland habitats in the contact zone of Pannonian and Alpine bioregions
In the middle of the forests around Plavecký Peter village in the Small Carpathians, you can find the remains of rare grassland areas on stony slopes with beautiful solitaries of oaks, interspersed here and there with viburnums or hawthorns. In many places, however, this original beauty was literally swallowed up by artificially planted non-native black pines. Therefore, since the beginning of this year, we started restoring the first beautiful non-productive area on one of the forest plots, which is very affected by the plantation of non-native pines. Since February, we have started to set free the old oaks here and letting light into the areas where the last specimens of many rare light-loving plants are waiting for it. A beautiful piece of original landscape opens up here, and we believe that natural processes will start to bloom and hum here!
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