PROJEKT: Restoration of nesting and feeding habitats of Sand Martin, Kingfisher and European Bee-eater in Danube-Morava region
A lot of work is beeing done at the Danube. Another part of inland Danube delta – the largest river treasure of Slovakia – is going to have flowing water. The works to restore the first river branch of river-branch system in Kľúčovec started in March. Since the middle of the 20th century all inflows into the river branch system were closed which led to massive sedimentation and degradation of the whole system. Within the LIFE project (BeeSandFish LIFE12 NAT/SK/001137) the inflow between river kilometers 1802 – 1803 will be connected with Danube again. Cleaned will be also 1 km long section of the clogged river channel.   How we cleaned the river branch:
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