PROJEKT: Conservation of birds in SPA Ostrovné lúky
Príbehy z lúk a mokradí

The BROZ people decided to issue a fairy-tale book for children and to translate the environmental connections into a children´s language.

Whereas we are first and foremost preservationists and not fairy-tale writers we asked three famous Slovak writers for their support – Veronika Šikulová, Juraj Raýman and Márius Kopcsay, which are all very close to nature and its protection. These three authors rewrote our long-time experience in protection of species and habitats into wonderful stories about animals. They wrote a fairy-tale about a sea eagle which could not find an old and strong enough tree for nesting, about a swift, which had nowhere to return as the house where he lived had been heat insulated, about dung beetle brothers from an abandoned meadow on which feeding was cancelled, about fish in the speedy straightened Danube river and about a red-backed shrike bird brought to justice by insects decreasing from the country.

Altogether, they created five beautiful, engaging stories being completed with illustrations of Viliam Slaminka after that.

This is how the book of the „nature protection fairy-tales“ was created titled The Stories of Meadows and Wetlands.

We are currently collecting money for its printing and publishing in the crowdfunding campaign on Startlab.

We would appreciate your supporting this release.

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