PROJEKT: Conservation of birds in SPA Ostrovné lúky

On 27.3.2015 we had opened Dropie for everyone.

Due to bad weather conditions, however, we held the programme at the elementary school in Zemianska Olča. Together we the pupils we learner how to ID different tree species, and we spoke about the importance of trees for different bird species. The programme was attended by all 102 pupils of the school. The students of ZŠ Zemianska Olča are not affraid to land their hand with voluntary work to improve the environment at SPA Ostrovné Lúky. In March they helped us with cleaning the area around the Kosztolányiovský cross at the SPA.
2-p13-exkurzia-a-uprava-okolia-kriza-zs-zem-olca-2-032015.jpg 2-p13-exkurzia-a-uprava-okolia-kriza-zs-zem-olca-032015.jpg
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