PROJEKT: Restoration of habitats for root vole *Microtus oeconomus mehelyi

Competition for water is high in the Danubian Lowland, especially during spring and summer. During those seasons, the water from the melioration canals is used to irrigate the surrounding fields. There is not enough water left for the wetlands.

With the support of the Telekom Foundation at the Pontis Foundation, we created a water retention measure on the site based on the outcomes of the workshop with stakeholders and experts in April. By excavating the depression to a depth of 0.5 meters, a space was created for water retention for the period without water subsidy. The pond was designed to simultaneously create several types of microhabitats suitable for amphibians, birds, and invertebrates. This created a space with an area of ​​more than 1,800 m2 with an island in the middle, which will be used mainly by birds. In this way, we once again improved the condition of the wetland and ensured its maintenance for years to come.

After the observation tower is installed, visitors will be able to observe the diversity of the site and the animals that will be using the pond.

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