PROJEKT: Conservation of endemic species and dry grassland habitats in the contact zone of Pannonian and Alpine bioregions

Pine trees and spruce trees gradually overgrew even the territory of Svarkovica protected area. The shading and acid fallout of needles increasingly changed the ecological factors of the environment, and without human intervention, the rare habitat and the species bound to it would gradually disappear even from this hotspot of biodiversity. Based on the recommendations of expert botanists and the agreement of the Strážovské vrchy Protected Area Administration with the owners, we removed the overgrown trees on the territory, leaving only junipers, just as it was in the past. For the satisfaction of the owners, with the help of a horse-drawn cart, we concentrated all the tree trunks and most of the branches on the edge of the area.

All that is missing is the restoration of grazing, which took place here in the past and thus formed non-forest plant communities, to complete the care of the territory. We hope that we will be able to find a local farmer for whom we could build a permanent fence, so that he can take care of the territory for a long time.

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