PROJEKT: WILDisland – Danube Wild Island Habitat Corridor
We launch restoration of Danube islands

Together with our DANUBEPARKS partners, we are launching a new project focused on the entire flow of the Danube, which will bring restoration of the side arms and the revitalization of the islands.

In the past the Danube islands were dynamically developing, the branches that surrounded them were full of water and subsidized alluvial forests and groundwater resources. We still have such virgin islands, but with the advancing changes in the riverbed, with fairway and flood control measures, we have changed the nature of the stream and thus the water regime around most of the islands. And it is such changes that we will try to correct within the WILDisland project. Because the islands are valuable not only as softwood alluvial  forest habitat. They are also important nests of many species of birds and the side arms are important breeding sites of numbers of fish.

By improving the water dynamics around the Danube islands, we will also improve the habitats that are located in these rare areas. It is primarily a rare, endangered habitat of the

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