PROJEKT: Conservation of subpannonic dry grassland habitats and species
Orchidea na veľkom vrchu

A symbolic prize for activities which are taking place on the Territory of European importance “Velky Kopec” situated above the town Kralovsky Chlmec in the east of Slovakia, was this year awarded to local farmer Arnold Dócs, who is cooperating with us on the project Life Sub-pannonic and local gardener, volunteer and supporter of goat grazing restoration in this location Arpád Kárnai. As part of the project, they began with goat grazing in this area with the aim of restoring grassland-herb fields habitats, which are home to rare species of plants and animals bound to meadows and pastures.

Along with goat grazing on “Velky Kopec”, they added more activities to protect nature. They are dismantling illegal landfill waste sites with the help of local inhabitants. Children were given a small reward for their help with garbage collection – a glass bottle with the inscription “I love Nagy Hedge (Velky Kopec)”. An area that was abandoned and difficult to reach for years has changed significantly – it is now a popular location for trips and various group activities, even wedding photography. On top of the hill, we installed an educational board and a bench with beautiful views of the surrounding area CHKO Latorica. 


Green winged orchid (Orchis morio)

And at this time of the year, the effort of the brave farmers and volunteers from the whole of Slovakia brought a reward – thanks to their help with protecting nature a rare orchid – Green winged orchid (Orchis morio) – is blooming on “Velky Kopec”. Its name comes from the fact that you could routinely find it in an “ordinary” healthy agricultural landscape. Today that is not the case anymore and this plant is not common anymore…It is a protected species of national value, which is vulnerable because of the disappearance of non-fertilized meadows and pastures to which they are bound/which they need. Around 200 orchids that were not known before in this area bloomed on “Velky Kopec” and confirms that our efforts at the renewal of biotopes in this area are going in the right direction.

#Grazing is amazing – under this slogan we are renewing grazing in various areas in Slovakia with the aim of protecting and restoring the biodiversity of these places.

Orchidea na veľkom vrchu
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