When it comes to species diveristy, wetlands and river side arms are among the richest one could find. The Danube inland delta located south of Bratislava represents one one of the biggest wetland complexes left in Central Europe although 90% of their formal range has been lost already. The remain of this once massive wetland complex is today appreciated for it´s ecosystem sevices such as water retention and puryfication and rare biodiversity. Black storks and sea eagles are often seen nesting in the area, European beavers and otters can still be found in the old side arms. Sadly, the degradation of this precious ecosystem continues as a result of former interventions on the Danube river. In order to protect the remaining Danube wetlands it is neccesary to make interventions to restore water dynamics in the inland delta. To this day, BROZ has successfully restored more than 1000 ha of wetlands and improved water dynamics on another 1200 ha in the inland delta. We have also restored a total of eight river side arms on the Danuber river and we are currently working on new projects to continue this work.