PROJEKT: Restoration of habitats for root vole *Microtus oeconomus mehelyi

During April and May 2023, we organized workshops in collaboration with the  Nadácia Telekom foundation workshops as part of the LIFE Microtus II project.


In the water retention and microhabitat creation workshop at the Čiližské wetlands site, we, along with experts on various animal species, found a solution for the long-term water retention at the given location. During the summer, when water from hydraulic channels is primarily needed for agricultural purposes, it is essential to retain water in the wetlands. Throughout the year, the site serves as an oasis and refuge for a large number of animals. This holds true during the summer when most surrounding areas are covered with agricultural crops. Water is also necessary for the preservation of wetland plants. To prevent the long-term drying out of the area, a pond was proposed, which not only retains water during the summer but also creates numerous microhabitats for other species of animals and plants.

In the second workshop on cleaning the Čiližský stream and plans for the restoration of adjacent wetlands, we completed the removal of waste in the vicinity of the former landfill at Veľký Meder. After opening the natural mouth of the Čiližský stream and restoring the flow to the stream, we prevent the movement of waste downstream. We also discussed with stakeholders the planned restoration of adjacent wetlands, such as the creation of the Číčov wetland with an area of ​​over 30 hectares by restoring the mouth of the Čiližský stream.

We thank the  Nadácia Telekom foundation for their financial support and look forward to further cooperation.

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