PROJEKT: Restoration and management of Danube floodplain habitats

In the area of the Inland Danube Delta in the cadastre of the village of Bodíky, in 2020 we expanded the grazing of cows on floodplain meadows by approximately 8 ha. In order to support biodiversity, in addition to grazing on the site, we cut head willows. Last year, we pollarded up to 103 massive pollard willows here, which were also pollarded in the past.

We plan to continue our activities this year. We plan to graze 16 cows there this season.

In addition to practical conservation activities, entomological monitoring is also taking place at the site, which will show us how grazing and pollarding of willow trees have helped local biodiversity. We already have the first monitoring results. In the gallery you can also enjoy photos from the site and from insect monitoring.

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