PROJEKT: Conservation of European Ground Squirrel
LIFE syseľ

On recent wanderings through the floodplain forest, the restoration of which was supported by the Dedoles company, we addressed other possibilities of our cooperation.
How about creating a joint collection of socks? And draw attention to disappearing biodiversity?
And so the Endangered Species collection was created, thanks to which species more or less conspicuously disappearing from our country got on the socks and information about them on the Dedoles website.

The common kingfisher, the golden bee-eater, but also the fennel forktail and the ground squirrel are species whose nests and food options are disappearing from the landscape, and which, if we want to preserve them, we must approach the landscape more carefully and differently.

This is what the Endangered species collection is about, with which Dedoles wants to point out the loss of biodiversity in cooperation with us. People can now remind themselves of this daily – looking at their feet in colorful socks. Because if we don’t do something for the sock species, biodiversity and colors will gradually disappear from the world.
In addition to the description of the species and their needs, on the site you will also find a way to help the given species.
If you would like to support their protection directly, you can support one of our projects for their protection. HERE. We thank you.

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