PROJEKT: Conservation of birds in SPA Ostrovné lúky
Príbeh krajiny lúk

One of the outputs of the Conservation of Birds in SPA Ostrovné Lúky Project was also a documentary film titled the Land of Meadows: a forgotten story. The film was prepared through the stories of the land in the lower Žitný ostrov, which was closely connected with water formerly. However, not only the stories of the land were shown but also these of people living in the country and vividly remembering connection of the land with water.

The Story of the Land of Meadows is a visually strong document from the workshop of Braňo Molnár. In this film, the project team of the Conservation of Birds in SPA Ostrovné Lúky Project acts along with the local farmers and residents. This is a document which compares the former country with the present one and shows how our interventions and project activities manifested in the territory.

The film had its successful Facebook premiere. The film was broadcasted on the Earth Day – 22 April and was watched by approximately 300 people.

You can currently view it on our website – via a clickable link in the text or on the BROZ YouTube channel.

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