PROJEKT: Restoration and management of Danube floodplain habitats

During the European Green Week many partner events with environmental topic occur from 13th of April till 9th of June in the whole Europe. Inspired by this week we participated on the May feast in cooperation with the company Veolia and the municipality Bratislava – Karlova Ves.

The visitors of the feast were informed about the nature in their surroundings and about species that are bound to human activities.
For instance we compared monocultures in Danube forests with the one that is more rich in biodiversity. Live snails and insect cought in boxes showed visitors that the life around us is hidden also in different inconspicuous places and by making small changes of our surrounding everybody can bring more life to Bratislava. For instance the boys made holes into the pieces of wood that are meant to be burrows for the solitary bees.
A big construction of white-tailed eagle food chain showed even the importance of tiny plant and we explained how could a minor water contamination influence the life of this bird of prey.
Many people living in Karlova Ves noticed the changes in the care of urban greenery and here they could see through the butterfly game why it is important to leave some places unmowed for butterflies and other pollinators.
Fish models were for sure the most attractive for kids – they were again and again going back to see the fish. Moms were enthusiastic about the exhibition and some fathers admitted they had never seen a better attraction. Teenegers were attracted too and took photos of the fish.
We felt that people appreciate such activities. They were happy to see it is possible to make good things in Slovakia.


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