PROJEKT: Conservation of endemic species and dry grassland habitats in the contact zone of Pannonian and Alpine bioregions
The last Thursday of September was spent by the team from our LIFE Panalp project in Smolenice, where Toyota employees and we prepared the ground for the restoration of grazing on the Molpír hillfort. Together, we managed to peel the bark off the stakes along the entire route of the fence, install insulators on them and stretch the wires. We also leveled the ground under the future shelter for animals and cleaned its surroundings and part of the nearby cherry orchard from shrubs. Thanks to this voluntary action, the historic Molpír hillfort will soon be revived by a herd of goats, which a local farmer secured for this purpose. Initially, 15 animals will graze here on approximately two hectares of pasture. It will be gradually expanded by additional hectares of rare area owned by the municipality of Smolenice. Molpír hillfort was built by our ancestors more than three thousand years ago. It reached its greatest growth in the 7th century BC, when up to 800 people probably lived here. They mainly engaged in handicrafts, but they certainly also raised farm animals here in those days. Although the castle was destroyed in the following century, people used its premises until the recent past, primarily as pastures. We thank all participants from the Toyota Slovakia for their help and look forward to further cooperation!
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