PROJEKT: Restoration and management of Danube floodplain habitats

On 24.-25. 9. 2019 we organized an excursion where we demonstrated restora-tion activities done during the project. Together with employees from Ministry of Environment, local offices and other „stakeholders“ we could see and also hear how the Danube floodplains have been positively influenced after our interven-tions in the river-branch system in Dunajské kriviny (Dobrohošť), Kľúčovec, Či-ližská Radvaň, Virt, Kamenín and Veľký Lél (Zlatná na Ostrove).

The changes connected with installing the technical objects (in the river-branch system – small dams, water supply objects, culverts) aim to bring more water into the Danube river-arm system and enable its regular flooding with water co-ming from Danube river. That is how it used to be natural in the past before the huge water dam was built.

These measurements help us to improve the local climate too.

(authors of photos: Filip Rovný and Ján Jenčo)
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