PROJEKT: Restoration and management of Danube floodplain habitats

The water flow is lower than agreed.

Two simulated floods of the Danube inland delta take place after a long time. After a series of negotiations and a successful petition, we managed to enforce what is approved in the Manipulation plan for the Gabčíkovo water dam. Until now, the flooding process has been depending on a complex administrative process.

However, the ongoing floods of the Danube inland delta still have their shortcomings.

These days, a flow of 90 m3 / sec. flows into the Inland Danube Delta, on the occasion of a summer simulated flood. Yesterday, 120 m3 / sec was flowing into the area for 3 hours. This volume we requested in the petition for the rescue of the Inland Danube Delta. Unfortunately, this year the volume 120m3/sec agreed, was cancelled at the last minute. As an explanation, we got that it is due to the cottages built in the floodplain. “The conditions under which the cottages were built will be the subject of scrutiny by the competent authorities,” said Minister Ján Budaj at a press conference yesterday. The Minister flew to TK on a helicopter and saw the floods from a bird’s eye view.

As the chairman of BROZ, Tomáš Kušík, said at a press conference yesterday: “This time we trust the management of Vodohospodárská výstavba that he has the same interest as us – to let more water into the area and gradually work to remove all obstacles in this process. Ministers Budaj personal commitment could also be a guarantee in this matter. “

We will be a participant in all meetings and we will closely monitor the state authorities as they proceed in this matter.

We are slowly moving forward in rescuing the Inland Danube Delta, but the current flow is 90 m3 / sec. we see it as stagnation in all our efforts to save the Inland Danube Delta.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed that, ideally as early as next year, the interests of a few individuals will not take precedence over the society-wide interests of protecting biodiversity, climate and water resources.

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