PROJEKT: Conservation of European Ground Squirrel
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In Turna nad Bodvou, at the Skalistý potok location, there is the second largest forest site in Slovakia. Ground squirrels have settled here partly also in the alfalfa field. That field was recently plowed. The ground squirrels now have youngsters and plowing would kill them. Plowing the part of the field where the ground squirrels are found would cause the death of more than 50 individuals. Thanks to the people from the Nová Bodva agricultural cooperative and the administration of the Slovak Kras National Park, the squirrels survived. We targeted the entire section of the field in which they lived. We marked it and the plowing took place in such a way that they survived. The field will be finished only when the cubs are big enough to move to the pastures above the field.

During the plowing there were more than 50 white storks, 11 screech eagles, countless starlings. If we the people want to, it is possible to manage ecologically and sustainably.

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