PROJEKT: WILDisland – Danube Wild Island Habitat Corridor
Model terénu s vyznačenými profilmi

In addition to the design of revitalisation measures, the preparatory phase of the LIFE WILDisland project also included scanning of the project areas using LiDAR technology, which works on the principle of transmitting light pulses. LiDAR systems can record information from the top of the tree to the ground. Thanks to such expert data, we have obtained point clouds with incredible precision, for example, also for defining the catchment area and relics of the original Danube side arms. This data was collected as a basis for technical designers. We are moving forward in the project and we believe that all efforts, not only ours but especially efforts based on active inter-sectoral cooperation, will bring fruit and especially water where it has been missing for years. 

Medveďovská ramenná sústava
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