PROJEKT: Restoration and management of Danube floodplain habitats
After the restoration measurement in spring 2017 first possitive results are seen. In the area of former branch river system (project acitivity C.2) near the village Vojka, river arms as long as 800 meters were restored which created permanent wetlands on the area of 1 ha. Water which was brought to dry places using restoration measurements caused a small miracle: the overgrown places with the weed, invasive species or the soil without any vegetation was in 6 months transformed into sedge wetland. Sedges grow on the banks of river branches, in their surroundings and also in the wetlands where shallow water occurs. Such wetlands develop when the water from restored river branches gets out of them. Sedges survived the long-term dry weather without our help, only thanks to the water from the restored Danube river branches.  
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