PROJEKT: WILDisland – Danube Wild Island Habitat Corridor

Expert data processed according to the latest knowledge and scientific progress is the basis for the successful implementation of our projects. The aim of the proposed measures of the LIFE WILDisland is to contribute significantly to the restoration of lateral connectivity and the improvement of the water regime in the area of the Medvedovská river branch system by connecting the smaller lateral branches of the MR1, MR2. The result will be the restoration of the island between the arms and further redynamisation of the floodplains in this region. 

In the area of the groynes system near Klížská Nemá it will be necessary to implement measures in the form of remodelling of the groynes with dredging of the channel along the bank. This will create a flow-through side arm, thereby promoting the restoration of the island and also creating suitable conditions for fish spawning. At present, fish suffer not only from a lack of food but also from a lack of suitable habitats for breeding and development. It is precisely such side arms that provide protection for fish, for example, from the waves caused by shipping traffic, which lead to their disorientation and subsequent washing ashore. 

In addition to the proposals for revitalisation measures, the preparatory phase of the project included the development of a numerical model to assess the effectiveness and impact of the proposed measures in relation to navigation conditions. The results of the mathematical model confirmed that the proposed measures would not endanger navigation conditions for shipping transport and would not adversely affect the required level in the waterway. These specific measures will be further elaborated by the designer in the technical project documentation. Subsequently, with the participation of the designer, the technical project documentation will be discussed with the relevant entities such as the river manager, the relevant governmental authorities including the Ministry of Transport as well as local stakeholders. 

The implementation of the LIFE WILDisland project will contribute to the ecological objectives of the Water Framework Directive (achievement of good ecological potential). Increasing the flow dynamics in the side arms in the Medvedovska river branch system and in the Klížska Nemá will result in a higher degree of fragmentation and morphological variability, which will also be reflected in the gradual restoration of islands and already floodplain forest habitats.

Medvedovská ramenná sústava
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