PROJEKT: Restoration and management of Danube floodplain habitats
In spring 2018 we managed to restore the canal on Veľkolélsky ostrov island and to create  periodical wetlands of about 41 hectares. In the past the canal was built to drain the island meadows quickly after floods. Now it is adjusted to be able to bring the water into the dry middle of the island – in the times of high water levels in Danube (over 3000 m3/sec). This year we could see possitive results of this intervention more than a month – from 24th May till 2nd of July 2019. The island depressions were therefore flooded. They changed into periodical wetlands with clean, warm water, in which people were even able to swim. The storks walking with their long legs in it had no problem to find food for them in the flooded grass. So the other animals had a lot of food to choose. The life on the island flourished. Floods are natural in this floodplains and they appear even more times a year.
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