PROJEKT: WILDisland – Danube Wild Island Habitat Corridor

We visited two islands on the Danube that will get a new look.

The first island localised between the towns of Sap and Medveďov is separated from the mainland by the Medveďovské side arm, which was redynamized in 2012. Within LIFE WILDisland, two other side branches will be reconnected with the Danube. This will result in the restoration of the island and in a further redynamization of the floodplains in this region.

The second island near Kližská Nemá is situated between the groynes. These „rocky walls“ are built perpendicularly to the flow and lead the water to the waterway. As part of the WILDisland project, we plan to modify the groynes and so open up space for water flow.

Both activities will result in restoration of the water flow around the islands. The islands will receive more water, which is needed to revitalize the floodplain forest. In addition, we will help the local nature by planting the native tree species.

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