PROJEKT: Restoration and management of Danube floodplain habitats
From the second week of July children’s summer camps take place on the Velky Lel area (project action E.7).Children from closer and more distant surrounding towns and villages can get to know the Danube floodplain countryside and its exceptional beauty during one week course. They also can learn about importance of nature protection and the regular extensive farming for floodplain countryside preservation. Children spend outside whole day and they like it. This was very common behavior in the past, but not common now.They can learn why pasturage by different kind of the original domestic animal species (water buffalos, horses, cows, goats and sheep’s) is important for ecosystem on the Velky Lel area. They also can learn how to take care of various domestic animals. Children are exploring different original native species of fauna and flora (beetles, molluscs, crustaceans, small mammals etc.…) during summer camps. They also are experiencing the process of making cheese from milked cow or goat‘s milk, and they are able to take care about domestic animal by themselves. Heads of summer camps are explaining to children the history of the place where the camps are located, functioning of the water regime in Danube river branches and Life Danube floodplains project objectives focused on improvement of water regime and improvement of ecosystems. Children can gain first hand experiences of living within the nature. They can recognize differences between areas with the extensive land management and without management, directly in the field, they can compare species composition in both types of areas and appearance of the landscape. Children bring many unforgettable experiences to their homes and sense of belonging to this place which is important for them and for this piece of country. detske_tabory01.jpg detske_tabory10.jpg detske_tabory09.jpg detske_tabory08.jpg detske_tabory06.jpg detske_tabory07.jpg detske_tabory05_1.jpg detske_tabory03.jpg detske_tabory04_1.jpg
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