PROJEKT: Restoration and management of Danube floodplain habitats
Hungarian partner of the project Duna – Ipoly National Park Directorate prepared new No. of Cincér new letter, which is devoted to LIFE Danube floodplains project. Cincér news letter Here is the summary of the articles: The first article: The empire of the white tailed eagle. A report was made with  Balázs Szelényi, the national  species coordinator of white tailed eagles in Hungary about his current duties. He explains the conservation efforts made by national park rangers and field experts in the past and in recent years. The second article: Protection of Alluvial habitats. The article introduces the Danube floodplain Life project and the late  history of the natural floodplain habitat. Some spectacular and famous Natura 2000 key species are presented such as the european otter, the eurasian beaver, european pond turtle. Invasion of dangerous  plant species such as box elder, wild cucumber and false indigo are explained. We described why it is so urgent to supress these plants on the floodplain. The third acticle: The mighty black poplar – giants of the Danube We have 4 indegenous poplar species in Hungary: white poplar,  aspen, grey poplar and black poplar. The population of black poplar is declining in nearly every country in Europe. Conservation work is very important in order to save genetic diversity of these robust looking tree.
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