PROJEKT: Restoration of habitats for root vole *Microtus oeconomus mehelyi

In May, together with the stakeholders of the Microtus II project, we went to get inspired to the Šumava National Park. The study tour was attended by representatives of the Ministry of the Environment (MŽP), Slovak Water Management Enterprise(SVP), Water Management Construction Enterprise (VV), Water Management Research Institute (VÚVH) and the Dunajská Streda district office.

We mainly visited LIFE for MIRES project sites. The project focuses on the restoration of springs. In their surroundings there are many sedge meadows, which are the main object of protection of the Microtus II project as they are an important habitat of the Northern Pannonian vole.

We explored how springs are restored, which is a key basis for ensuring the good condition of our streams and retaining water in the country. There was also enough time for professional discussions with the participating stakeholders regarding further revitalization plans within our project.

Our last stop was a trail through a wetland – a bog. We could enjoy a walk with dry feet and see life directly in the wetland without damaging these precious ecosystems. Such a path would also fit in our wetlands!

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