PROJEKT: Restoration and management of Danube floodplain habitats

As part of spreading awareness about the nature protection of the Danube region, we organized two lectures for schools. Children from the 1st and 3rd grade of J. A. Komenský Elementary School in Bratislava had the opportunity to learn a lot of new and interesting information not only about the Danube River itself, but also about the adjacent floodplain forests and wetlands, their inhabitants, problems and conservation efforts to restore these valuable habitats. They listened to the story of White-tailed Eagle called Milan from our children book Stories of Meadows and Wetlands, verified the acquired knowledge by filling in thematic worksheets, solved together a puzzle of the Danube floodplain and its typical bird species, and finally enjoyed small gifts. This is also a way to spread information about the goals and results of the project, children are grateful listeners and through them the issue of nature conservation will find its way to adults.

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