PROJEKT: Conservation of subpannonic dry grassland habitats and species

Do you know where is the locality named Pieskovcové chrbty?

As our volunteer from geocaching community said about this locality „there are no geocaches here! “. However, the geocaches are really missing here, there is a beautiful undulating landscape of Cerová Vrchovina and its rare biodiversity. However, we as organisation are mainly focused on Bratislava region, we also concentrate the attention on other parts of Slovakia to help nature. Moreover, thanks to LIFE Subpannonic  project we have revived the abandoned pastures for over 30 years near Jesenské (district Rimavská Sobota). The locality became a part of Natura 2000 network namely as Site of Community Importance Pieskovcové chrbty because of rare dry pasture habitats and species. 

So far, we fight way through many barriers in grazing return to most parts of this locality, we performed the reduction of overgrown shrubs and trees on small parts. Together with Administration of Landscape Protected Area Cerová Vrchovina, volunters and geocachers from OZ Permoníci, we reduced the wood species overgrown from hill with occurence of pasque flowers in Drňa. 

This activity would never happen without Bálint family, that has farm few metres from Site of Community Importance Pieskovcové chrbty. They helped not only with wood species reducing, but they are also going to graze cattle on managed locality. It provides that the locality will not overgrow by wood species again and improve the occurrence of pasque flowers. 

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