PROJEKT: Restoration of habitats for root vole *Microtus oeconomus mehelyi
workshop dunaj

In cooperation with the Daphne Institute of Applied Ecology, we organized a workshop on the topic of the Danube floodplains and their transformations on March 23, 2022.

The main goal of the workshop was to exchange knowledge and experience of experts from various fields. The workshop was attended by experts from Slovakia and Hungary. Among the participants were conservationists, experts in water management and energy, zoologists and ornithologists, scientists.

We started the workshop at hydropower plant Gabčíkovo, where Martin Mišík from Alcedo River Clinic told us more about the impact of the construction of the hydropower plant on river dynamics. Then we moved to the area of ​​the extinct wetlands of Istragov, where revitalization activities are taking place within the LIFE Microtus II project. We have seen the ongoing dredging of supply channels, which will ensure the return of water to the wetlands. The life and habitat preferences of the Pannonian root vole were also explained to the guests. We outlined ongoing forest restoration, from which we removed bred poplars and planted native species such as white poplar and black poplar. Later we moved to the Medveďovské side arm, which is a nice example of the improvement of river dynamics due to the restoration of water flow in the arm.

The workshop brought many stimulating discussions, observations and ideas for greater cross-sectoral cooperation and other conservation activities.

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