We protect and restore precious habitats in the Danube region and in the Carpathians.

We are a team of professional conservationists dedicated to protection and restoration of forests, meadows and wetlands in Natura 2000 sites.

Our Mission
is to conserve valuable nature areas, to stop habitat degradation and biodiversity loss – one of the biggest challenges of our time.
Our activities are aimed in particular to protect and restore the nature of the Bratislava region and south-western Slovakia, in particular in the Danube region, the Little and White Carpathians...
Our Vision
is to apply our know-how, build a strong stakeholders network and implement long term and the most appropriate measures of nature protection and restoration.
Unlike in many places in Western Europe, where floodplain ecosystems have been completely converted to a state far from a natural one, in our region, great opportunities still exist to protect valuable and relatively well- preserved ecosystems...

Protection of species of plants and animals

Grazing of protected areas

Planting native trees

Restoration of wetlands and river side arms

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Thanks to you, we will restore forests, wetlands, river arms and protect endangered species.

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