PROJEKT: Restoration and management of Danube floodplain habitats

“Where one grazes, the is a life”, a famous Czech entomologist once said.

And we are aware of it every day outside. The diversity of micro-environments created by the mouths and teeth of grazing cattle could be compared to the diversity of infrastructure in a city. There is a house, a pillar, a bench, a square, a bush, a weed, a thistle or a trodden area. And this environmental diversity creates conditions for insect diversity. Because insects are quite picky, not only for nectar but also for wind-protected spots, amount of sunlight, the right temperature or the density of vegetation. Insects don’t like monotonous monocultures.

And it’s no wonder these tiny creatures live on the pastures, humming and chirping from morning to evening. These few photos are from a pasture on Veľkolélsky Ostrov Island, over which a flock of golden beekeepers was hunting during the setting sun, which is itself is proof that there will be plenty of insects.

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