PROJEKT: Restoration of NATURA 2000 sites in cross-border Bratislava capital region
In September 2017 was realized the restoration of the Porec stream between the railway and the highway in the length of about 600 m. The itself restoration starts about 150 m from the railway and ends at sluice on the field road about 80 m from the highway, at a length of 496 m. The route is in the area of plot, which is in the ownership of DAPHNE, designed to corespond with old route of the stream. Within the restoration was create new opened V-profile with inclination of river banks 1:6 for left river bank and 1:15 for right bank. High is 1m and inclination of excavation of 1.6 or 1.15 for present field. Slope in excavation 1:6 and 1:15 will not be fortifield, will remain for natural vegetation, that will be created there. The total width of the stream is 16 – 20 m in the new part of the riverbed (return to the original route) and 15-17 m in the current riverbed. The proposed bottom will unpaved. The restoration will ensure sufficient flow and allow creation of new water and wetlands habitats, which not require regular maintance of the stream.  
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