PROJEKT: Conservation of birds in SPA Ostrovné lúky
We will restore small-scale wetlands in SPA Ostrovné Lúky. Not only is it a big support for local biodiversity in the local intensely agricultural landscape, wetlands also help to store fresh water in an area which is suffering from a long-term drought. They also play a significant role as carbon sinks and therefore act as mitigators of climate change effects. We are thrilled that our several-year effort at SPA Ostrovné Lúky has brough such nice results! Prior to the filed works we went for a field inspection of the future wetlands with our partners from the Water Management Research Institute and the company Nautilus.We will revitalise the darined Čalovecký Dudváh river arm and natural terrain depressions where water would be naturally held prior to the drainage of the area. We believe that the restored wetlands will be booming with life and will attract more wildlife to the area, including those species which have been lost from the area in recent years.
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