PROJEKT: Restoration of habitats for root vole *Microtus oeconomus mehelyi

Thanks to 1076 supporters, we managed to collect the targeted amount.

We are very happy that in approximately 10 months we managed to collect up to 100,000 euros and even a little more for the purpose of nature protection – saving the wetland in highly productive agricultural land.
Up to our knowledge, it has been the largest collection aimed at the protection of a natural site, which was announced and successfully collected in Slovakia. It confirms to us that the public is aware of the importance of protecting wetlands and not only agrees with it, but is also willing to contribute financially and take real steps to save them.
At the same time, it confirms that we are a trusted organisation, that is serious about the steps we take to protect nature and that we see them through to the end, which we greatly appreciate.
That we mean it seriously is also evidenced by the fact that, as the owner, we already asked the State Nature Conservancy to include this area in the Natura 2000 network – in order to expand the area of European significance, the Čiližské močiare.
We thank each and every supporter, for the contribution and spreading the word.
By contribution to the wetland rescue, you supported also 42 hectares of
– successful, undisturbed  nesting of rare species of birds (for example, several pairs of crested terns this season)
– a water retention measure that holds up to 70,000,000 liters of water at once
– space for water and soil invertebrates, amphibians, pollinators
– natural cooling of microclimate (a place where life was buzzing, even in summer, during 34 °C)
All in all, the protection of such a place will be the alpha and omega,  during the biodiversity and climate crisis
More than 106,000 euros were collected. With these additional funds, we´ve decided to purchase and include in the protected area another 1.6 hectares of wet field, which is “across the road” from the wetland and also adjacent to the SCI Čiližské močiare, in order to further expand this protected area. In total, we managed to restore up to 43.6 hectares of original wetlands, which were until recently agricultural fields and which are sorely lacking in southern Slovakia, in the barren agricultural landscape.
We are grateful for your help!
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