PROJEKT: Restoration and management of Danube floodplain habitats

We are very pleased that, after a long period of processing approvals, construction permits, procurement of a supplier, in accordance with the technical documentation, work aimed at restoring water flow of the E3 weir on the line E of the Danube river branch system is under construction.

So far, the lack of water dynamics has been a problem at this location. At higher levels during the simulated floods, although there was more water, it flowed over the weir and the steep slide combined with the speed of the water flow was not suitable for fish migration.

The aim of the restoration is to increase water dynamics, flow capacities and enable fish migration by rebuilding the existing slide for vessels into a functional fish passage with help of installing frame culverts, while this solution takes into account the navigability requirements for recreational navigation.

Since a certain time, as part of the preparation of technical documentation, we also use to invite representatives of the association of rowing clubs to meetings with technical designers. They asked us to think about navigability requirements when planning restoration measures to improve the water regime. And we met them, which is already evident from the size of the frame culverts (2 x 2.5 m) which will be installed on the E3 weir. At the same time, boaters will have the opportunity to use the adjacent adjusted and modified areas for safe exit and re-entry the boat, which were also included in the project documentation.

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