PROJEKT: Conservation of birds in SPA Ostrovné lúky
In our project the end of winter is already traditionally associated with volunteer workshop on pollard willow management. This year for the first time with our new coppicing arm, which allows us to coppice more willows than we would have done just “by hand”. As always a Big Thanks goes to our dedicated volunteers and we look forward to the next one! Watch the video here  A bit about importance of coppicing: The animals which are dependent on the cavities of old trees are now extremely rare. Pollard willows represent one of the last refuges where they can develop undisturbed. With long-term and regular trimming willow trunks gradually coarsen, with some of the old individuals growing to impressive dimensions. Inside the trunks the cavities are filled with touchwood full of life. Apart from providing an environment for insect larvae developmnet the cavities provide shelter for martens, snakes, bats and various bird species. If regular trimming is stopped the trunks get too big and break, and the whole tree gradually dies.
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