PROJEKT: Restoration of nesting and feeding habitats of Sand Martin, Kingfisher and European Bee-eater in Danube-Morava region

One of the larger actions within the BeeSandFish project has also progressed to the implementation phase. At the beginning of October, the construction site near the village of Klížska Nemá was handed over as part of action C.4. Restoration of food habitats for Sand Martin, King Fisher and European Bee-eater is planned here. Specifically, it is the restoration of wetlands. Wetlands are of great importance for the ecosystem and thus for people, and we are glad that we managed to move this sub-project to the implementation phase. Representatives of BROZ, VV, š.p., SVP, š.p., ŠOP SR, Lesy SR, š.p. and representatives of landowners take part on handing over the construction site to the construction contractor.

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