PROJEKT: Conservation of birds in SPA Ostrovné lúky
We are thrilled at the nice outcome of a cooperation between nature conservationists and animal protectors. On the pohotographs you can see the result of two good things coming together. This month we started a cooperation with a local stakeholder, a lady who rescues abandoned and neglected horses. She was looking for a medow where they could graze and have enough space to move freely and we had just the right place – our restored grassland near the Čalovecký Dudváh river arm. Thanks to the grazing activity the horses presence will help to eleminate invasive plant species, a mosaic of new microhabitats will appear on the grassland and in time more native plant and animal species typical for grassland and meadow habitats will colonise the area. A small wetland will also be resotred at this grassland – therefore a valuable biodiversity spot will be crated in the this otherwise intensely agricultural landscape.
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