PROJEKT: Conservation of subpannonic dry grassland habitats and species

About a year ago, we started renewal activities in the area of European importance Sedliská pri Hlohovci. The southern part of this area consists of beautiful xerothermic meadows with pulsatilla and adonis, which were used as pastures in the past. Residents of Hlohovec call this area pulsatilla meadow. As in many places, this is a classic scenario – after leaving the pasture, valuable meadow sites full of flowering species are overgrown with trees and shrubs. We, therefore, chose the classic procedure – in the autumn we thinned the shrubs in some places to make way for a goat fence. The photos show how pulsatilla grew in the places where we got rid of the bushes. We have arranged a goat grazing with a local breeder, who likes the area very much. We plan to start grazing this spring, but because of the current situation, it is a bit complicated with the supply of materials for the fences.

However, we believe that we will succeed and in time there will be even more pulsatilla and adonis, even in the places from which they have disappeared.

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