PROJEKT: Conservation of subpannonic dry grassland habitats and species

In the end of September, the dry-thermophilic pastures in south of Eastern Slovakia was visited again for a second time by volunteers. The Site of Community Importance Tarbucka was established for a purpose to protect and to improve favourable conservation status of species and habitats of European interest. 

This area needs the special attendance as regards targeted management focused on conservation of natural values like reducing invasive and volunteer wood species. With the absence of grazing, they had spread around and then directly threaten the existence of protected species and habitats of Tarbucka. Volunteers accordingly continued on previous action of reducing shrubs and invasive black locust.

In the presence, the protected species and habitats within area are no longer in danger due to LIFE Sub-pannonic project application and especially due to local farmer Mr. Kulčár, who returned the goat grazing here. Goats beside the favourable influence on dry-thermophillic species and habitats are able to manage with younger sprouts of wood species as well as with invasive black locust, but they are not possible to manage with thicker wood species or thickets. We believe, that by our volunteer’s action we helped nature a little and goats can graze larger area because #Grazing_is_amazing

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