PROJEKT: Restoration of nesting and feeding habitats of Sand Martin, Kingfisher and European Bee-eater in Danube-Morava region
The activity started in spring 2016. In spring 2017 tree planting was finalized. We planted the following native tree species: Salix alba, Populus alba, Populus nigra, Alnus glutinosa, Quercus robur, Fraxinus angustifolia in SPA Dunajské Luhy according to the A3 study.   The trees were planted in 18 of the originally planned 27 localities. The reason was limited accesibility of the suitable localities and time-scale of the project. All these localities are in-line with the recommendations of the A3 study. A part of the activity is mapping riparian forest stands woth the focus on locating individual mature and old native trees. Since the beginning of the project over 1000 mature individuals were marked and protected. After negotiations and agreement with the foresters these trees will be left standing. All 19 000 young trees were planted as planned in 18 localities covering 15, 2665 ha. 
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