PROJEKT: Restoration of habitats for root vole *Microtus oeconomus mehelyi

On Wednesday, November 29, a meeting of the project steering committee members took place. Thirteen participants attended the meeting, including seven members of the steering committee. Together, we visited the successful implementation of project activities in Čiližské močiare, where we showcased not only the site management – strip mowing and simulation of natural water dynamics but also the created water retention measure for periods of water scarcity in the region. Throughout this year, several parcels in this area were successfully included in the international NATURA 2000 network, serving as a habitat for the Northern Pannonian root vole. Currently, the Northern Pannonian root vole, along with a multitude of wetland species in this agriculturally utilized area, has access to over 100 hectares of natural environment.

Subsequently, we inspected the location near Číčovské luhové, where the activity of opening the blind termination of the Čiližský potok is planned, restoring natural flow to the stream, and fulfilling its function after years. Simultaneously, a former wetland with an area of over 30 hectares will be regenerated.

After the field part of the meeting, we moved indoors, and project partners presented the progress and successes in their project activities, as well as plans for the upcoming period. We look forward to the next meeting when the Čiližský potok will flow again, an additional 30 hectares of habitats will be restored in Hungary for the Northern Pannonian root vole, and thanks to telemetry research, we will gain more insights into the movements of root voles and their habitat preferences.

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