PROJEKT: Restoration of nesting and feeding habitats of Sand Martin, Kingfisher and European Bee-eater in Danube-Morava region

If you get near by to Bátorove Kosihy village, you will find two new information panels to learn more about the SPA Dolné Pohronie as well as interesting species inhabiting the steep walls created on sand dunes. If you get here during the breeding season (of course best on the bike), you have a high chance that you will see not only an interesting picturesque landscape of wind-blown sands, but also one of our most colorful birds – the European Bee-eater, possibly the smallest of our swallow – the Sand Martin.

Coordinates (47°50’27.20″N, 18°24’10.62″E; 47°50’45.98″N, 18°24’2.97″E).

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