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Exkurzia člnom

Boat trip for mayors and officers demonstrating previous conservation efforts

Lack of awareness about nature and landscape protection, biodiversity loss and the role of wetlands in adaptation and mitigation strategies at a time of deepening climate crisis can lead to a misunderstanding of conservation efforts to improve the situation. In the case of representatives of relevant decision-making authorities, involved state institutions, or land managers, this may lead to the non-granting of approvals for the implementation of practical restoration measures (renewal of wetlands, straightening of river branches, optimization of the tree composition of floodplain forests). This is also why BROZ often organizes various lectures, seminars, excursions or study visits for key stakeholders involved in the process of nature and landscape protection.

Posádka člnov
Dunajská plavba

On May 21, as part of a project with the financial support of the Tipsport Foundation, together with mayors of municipalities, employees of the Ministry of the Environment, district offices and the Water Research Institute, we got into the boats in Medveľov and from there sailed to the Klúčovec branch system. These are locations where BROZ restored the water regime in the past. And we also have plans for the future. We wanted to show those interested the successfully implemented restoration measures and introduce them to the natural values ​​of the area. We also managed to visit the gravel benches, catch a glimpse of a couple of eagles flying over the Veľkolélske side arm, and we ended the excursion with a joint lunch and discussions. Responses to the excursion were positive, questionnaires prove that the participants learned a lot and would welcome a similar format of joint discussions in the future.

Riečne rameno
Exkurzia člnom

(photo: Miláčková, Nagy, Rakovská)

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