Take a peek into the nest of lanius minor

You can watch the video HERE  The area of SPA Ostrovne Luky is under intense agricultural pressure causing suitable habitats for birds such as the great lesser shrike to dissapear. Chemisation of the arable land causes the insect – prey to many bird species to disspear at an allarming rate. The shots were made as…

Invitation – Opening of the exhibition „Windows to Nature“

In the 10th of October 2018 you are kindly invited for the opening of the exhibition about dissapearing beauties of the floodplains. The exhibition shows the visitors of all ages the threatened nature of Danube floodplain habitats (river branches, wet meadows, gravel deposits, floodplain forests, wetlands and salt marshes) that Regional Association of Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development is more than 20 years trying to restore successfully.